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Immerse yourself in Zambia's most pristine and unspoiled wilderness. 


Lying between 500 to 800 meters above sea level and covering about 9,050 square km in eastern Zambia, the South Luangwa National Park is home to abundant wildlife, is ecologically diverse, and features stunning topography. With over 420 species of birds and over 60 species of mammals this national park is a wildly dense treasure in Africa.

Originally founded as a game park in 1904, South Luangwa National Park was declared a national park in 1972. Because of this protection as a reserve for over 65 years this area was never subjected to mass tourism and degradation.

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It was here, in this park, that the famous ‘walking safari’ began, when Norman Carr, who was a ranger in the reserve in the 1940s, began to operate safaris in the area to encourage tourism and species conservation. 

Our lodge is located in the "warm heart of Africa." Here you will be greeted by friendly, generous and caring faces. At Njobvu Safari you can immerse yourself in the wild stillness, away from the city and large groups. 

a true wildlife

Luangwa is a world class destination and boasts a high population of leopards which are commonly seen on our night drives. Large herds of elephants will bathe and drink steps away from our accommodations. Great numbers of hippos and crocodiles grace the banks of the nomadic Luangwa River. Lion, giraffe, and wildebeest all call this part of the world home.

Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

 Bar & restaurant

In-room dining

Concierge services

Pet-friendly accommodations

Small business perks

Valet parking

Daily domestic newspaper delivery

high standards and world class guides

As guardians of delicate landscapes and extraordinary wildlife, our guides have exceptionally high standards for guiding and quality of experience. With professionalism and a wealth of knowledge our experts take great pride in providing an informed, tranquil, sensitive, and fun experience on safari. 

the luangwa river: a life line in africa

As one of the longest remaining free flowing rivers in southern Africa, the Luangwa river and its tributaries is a critical life line to huge populations of game. Ox bow lagoons offer a vibrant and pristine habitat for a myriad of wildlife and Zambia's people groups. It is a true fertile gathering place. 

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